Special Solutions for Sectoral Needs

EKOVAR reinforces its leadership in the sector day by day in accordance with its vision.

About Ekovar

Sustainable use of energy and natural resources can be achieved with a rational and holistic waste management. As EKOVAR, we offer permanent solutions to waste producers in line with our experience and international experience, our trained and expert personnel, and our comprehensive licenses obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Special Solutions for Sectoral Needs

An Extended Family United in the Same Vision

An Innovative Vision

Enterprise Infrastructure

Ekovar's Development Process

EKOVAR was established in 2007 by its partners, who have many years of experience in environment and manufacturing, in order to provide hazardous waste management and recycling services to organizations operating in all kinds of industry and business sectors and generating waste. In a short period of two years, it has become one of the distinguished companies in its sector by obtaining the recycling license of more than 10 types of waste in the recycling facilities it has established as a result of the inspections of the Ministry of Environment and by creating a hazardous waste transportation network with its own licensed vehicles. Again in 2008, with the investments it has continued, it has established the Interim Storage facility that meets all kinds of legislative requirements, and started to accept waste by obtaining the necessary permits. Thus, it has rightfully earned the title of a business that offers complete solutions to its customers for almost all kinds of hazardous wastes. EKOVAR reinforces its leadership in the sector with each passing day, in line with its vision, with its ongoing and ongoing Research and Development projects, special solutions produced in accordance with the sectoral needs of customers, and international collaborations.

Ekovar Human Resources

Ekovar has adopted the principle of working with personnel who are fully experienced in their fields, have higher education in these fields and aim to improve themselves, with the awareness that the studies on the environment are in parallel with the developments in science and technology, and the studies carried out to protect the environment with old traditional methods may cause more harm to the environment. In our constantly developing staff, trained personnel work in engineering branches such as Environment, Chemistry, Machinery, Electricity, Electronics, Agriculture and Geology, in a way to ensure interdisciplinary work. What makes Ekovar’s difference is our assertiveness about our human resources. The Ekovar team explores new and creative solutions to run all projects effectively and safely. Our commitment to reducing our customers’ environmental costs and ensuring that they fulfill their responsibilities allows us to focus on delivering our solutions in the areas of waste minimization, recovery at source, and reuse to a wider customer base, rather than disposal by landfilling or incineration.

Ekovar R&D Studies

We believe that the harm done to the environment by the development of technology but its careless use can be prevented by using technology again. In order to do our part in this regard, we follow scientific developments and new technologies in environmental technologies, which require knowledge in many disciplines, and constantly improve our infrastructure to develop new products and methods. In our laboratory located in our interim storage facility, the necessary test and experiment environments for R&D studies have been prepared. We develop R&D projects in cooperation with universities under the topics determined by our management every year. In addition to our projects carried out together with TUBITAK and TEYDEB, which support R&D in our country, we continue our joint work with companies experienced in recycling abroad.

Management System Standards

Our company has documented and developed all its processes since its establishment and has established ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS systems in a short time and documented it by accredited institutions. Our systems, which are established and operated in parallel with our daily operations, are combined as Integrated Management Systems and are continuously developed as EKOVAR EYS. All realized projects and activities are carried out and continuously improved in accordance with the requirements of our Quality and Environment systems.

Our facilities

By evaluating all elements in waste management as a whole, we serve all of Turkey with sustainable activities both environmentally and economically.